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5 Steps For Deep Frying a Turkey Without Burning Your House Down

4137721204_7bbb0bbc4e_bWhat’s more American than deep frying your turkey for Thanksgiving? While it’s not the healthiest option for cooking, it sure is a tasty one. However, it’s extremely important to keep safety first when deep frying something as big as a whole turkey — especially if it’s your first time trying it out. Fires from cooking are the most common cause of home fires and with all the craziness of Thanksgiving cooking, it’s a particularly important time of the year to make sure you are being safe while cooking.

Here are five steps you can follow for deep frying a turkey for Thanksgiving without burning your house down:

1. Never deep fry a turkey inside or on the deck

Deep frying a turkey should only be done outside, away from anything flammable. That means no deep frying on the deck and no deep frying in the garage. It’s just not worth the risk!

2. Thaw it out first

The first thing to do with your big frozen turkey is thaw it out. Hopefully this one is obvious, but if you stick a frozen turkey into a vat of boiling oil, you’ll end up with something like this:

3. Completely dry the turkey

After you’ve thawed it out, you’ll need to let it sit out and completely dry before putting it into the water. Just patting it down with paper towels should do the trick.

4. Test the amount of oil with water first

In order to know how much oil you need to use, you need to test it first by using water — especially if you’ve never deep fried something this large before. Place the turkey into your pot and then it fill it with water until the turkey is just barely covered. Then take the turkey out, dump the water out, and add the amount of oil in accordance with the water line. Heat it up and you’re ready to go!

5. Drop the turkey slowly

Once you’ve got the oil heated to 375 degrees, turn the burner off and slowly put your turkey into the oil. Just dropping it in will cause the hot oil to splash and overflow over the sides of the pot. Once it’s all the way in, you can the burner on and finish your cooking.

You can find plenty of great recipes for deep fried turkey online, but hopefully this gives you the steps you need to follow in order to cook an amazing, deep-fried turkey without having to sacrifice your entire home for it.

Happy Thanksgiving from OHI Construction – we wish you the best in this joyous time of year.

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