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Contractor Spotlight: Why We Use Bailey & Sons Roofing


OHI Construction is general contractor and that means we sub out a lot of the work that comes our way to trusted and highly recommended subcontractors in the area. We see this as a huge benefit for the homeowners we work with. These are companies that we fully trust—ones that pay the utmost attention to customer satisfaction. As a general contractor, we get to be picky about the people we work with, which is why we are doing this series of blog posts called Contractor Spotlight.

In each post, we’ll take a look at one of these companies and gleam a little knowledge and background from their expertise. The first up is Bailey & Sons Roofing. We sat down with the owner of the company, Victor Bailey, who has 15 years of experience in the roofing industry.

How important is having workman’s comp for roofing companies?

When it comes to roofing companies who choose to not have workman’s comp, they take a chance at customer’s houses every time they accept a job, there’s really a huge risk of endangering the customer financially. If something were to go wrong and the worker were to fall off that roof, the first place they’re going to go to is to the homeowner’s insurance. There’s a lot at risk and it’s an important thing for homeowners to be aware of when they are choosing a roofing company.

Will you replace my roof?

Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend it. We do not roof over an existing roof. All you’re going to is cover and existing problem. One of the myths out there is that you’ll have two layers of protection and that’s even better. Unfortunately, that’s actually incorrect. That compromises the integrity of the new shingles because the new shingles going down are designed and made for one layer–not multiple. It’s always best to remove the old layer, inspect the deck completely, and make sure to fix any existing problems.

What kind of problems could you foresee when you strip off the roof other than soft sheeting?

When the plywood starts to rot out, it starts to sag. But not only is that affecting the decking out there, it’s affecting the rafters and the trusses up there. Then the water could drip down into the attic, gets on the insulation, starts to slowly pool up in the middle of the sheetrock and ceilings–it leads to all sorts of issues if not taken care of in a timely fashion.

What’s Bailey and Sons’ warranty on roofs?

We are certified with all the big manufacturers, so we’re able to offer the extended 50 year warranty to all of our customers. Our warranties comes with a 10 year craftsmanship installation for our workmanship. Furthermore, the the customer has a basic, no-charge 30 year warranty through the manufacturer. These are no questions asked warranties. One of the benefits of us being certified through the two leading shingle manufacturers is that were able to offer that to our customers. They then have the option to upgrade to the 50 year warranty, which is fantastic. Both warranties are transferable to whoever owns the home. There are no questions asked. They get up on the roof, see the defect, and then give Bailey and Sons a call.

Is moss considered a defect?

No–at a matter of fact, it’s not. Here in the Northwest with our environment the way it is, it is critical and imperative for people to maintain their roofs once a year. Whether it’s getting up there and sweeping it off, taking your leaf blower and blowing it off, or simply spraying some product up on your roof that will clear up that moss.

Do you install drip edges? 

Yes, we use that on every single house we work on. We nail that drip edge every six inches according to the manufacturers desires for the warranty. On top of that, we use a thing called ice and water. Ice and water is a rubber barrier that is a peel-and-stick material that we put down at the gutter line to protect the gutter from rotting. We use that ice and water not only on the eves, but on the gable ends, every penetration on the roof, the skylights, the valleys, the chimney, and pretty much everywhere on the roof. That’s not something every company does because it might not be profitable. At Bailey and Sons, we believe in giving the customer the best service possible.

We highly recommend using Bailey & Sons Roofing if you need work done on your roof–that’s why we use them ourselves. You can get in contact with them at 503-919-1577 or

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