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Disaster Upgrade: Turning a Tragedy into a Blessing


Whether it’s a flood or a fire, accidents do happen. It’s always a tragedy when they happen and disasters can often strike at the most unexpected of times. Calling something a “disaster upgrade” might sound a little strange, but in reality, it’s a fantastic way to turn a tragic event into a big blessing for your family.

What we call something a “disaster upgrade” when someone chooses to upgrade a part of their home that gets ruined by an accident or natural disaster. Whether it’s surfaces, floors, or even something like plumbing, there is no smarter time to consider a remodel than when your house is already under construction.

Disaster Upgrade: No Better Time To Renovate

What many people don’t realize is that after a disaster strikes, your insurance will already be paying for the demolition on your house. Upgrade your counters, floors, or other surfaces rather than having to pay for the demolition again a few years down the line. google down That’s less time you have to spend out of your house and less money you have to spend tearing down parts of your house.

Another thing people don’t often realize is that if you want to upgrade something in your house after a disaster, you won’t have to pay the full price of the new pieces you are installing. Instead, insurance will pay for the replacement of your old system and you will only have to pay the difference! For example, let’s say you have a toilet overflow and the old vinyl floors in our bathroom are ruined. In this case, insurance would pay for the replacement of the vinyl, but you could upgrade to tile and only pay the difference!

Be Prepared

When disasters strikes, chances are you’ve got a lot to worry about — making sure your possessions are covered and safe, moving over to our safe location while your house is being worked out, and countless other things you’ve got to remember. When you are in the heat of the moment, doing a disaster upgrade to your home is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared ahead of time. The best way to be prepared is by talking to your insurance agent now! Make sure you aren’t underinsured and that you know what your deductible is.

There’s no way of anticipating when something terrible might happen. All we can do is plan ahead and be prepared. But ultimately, every disaster or accident is different and each should be treated in a situation-by-situation basis. You aren’t always going to want to file an insurance claim and you aren’t always going to add things up to make the best decision on your own—and that’s where OHI comes in. We have 60 years of industry experience backing up our work and when disaster strikes, you can trust us to know what to do moving forward.

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